Masks: How to choose, wear & dispose [Video]
Mask wearing demo by HKU Prof. Seto Wing Hong

Masks: How to choose, wear & dispose [Video]

2020, Jan 28    

For more information on WHO recommendation and compliance standards, check the article updated on Medium.

Take home messages

  • Wear a surgical mask whenever going out from home
  • Wear an N95 respirator in high risk areas, e.g. hospitals
  • Purchase masks from trustable sources
  • Check mask specifications:
  • Surgical mask: ASTM F2100 Level 2/3 or EN14683 IIR
  • Filter efficiency: BFE: 3 micron vs PFE: 0.1 micron
  • Respirator: N95 (US NIOSH) or FFP2 (EU)
  • Sanitize hands before and after wearing masks
  • Make sure the mask is on the right side and fits tightly
  • Carry out fit test for respirators
  • Replace face masks timely
  • Do not touch the outside of mask
  • Discard mask per use. DO NOT REUSE.
  • Hand hygiene is also important, but DOES NOT REPLACE face mask protection