Travel restrictions regarding coronavirus containment - Asia (Eastern, South-eastern, Southern)

2020, Feb 03    

Territories denying all foreign visitors who had recently been in mainland China within 14 days before arrival

  • East Asia: Japan (Hubei travel history only), South Korean (Hubei travel history only), North Korea, Mongolia
  • SE Asia: Brunei (Hubei travel history only), Vietnam (cancel flights & stop issuing visas with 14-day travel history in China)

Eastern Asia


South Korea

North Korea

The next scheduled flight to Beijing on the DPRK’s flag carrier Air Koryo, on the other hand, is on Saturday, though this and its scheduled Tuesday flight are expected to be canceled as well in line with the government’s restrictions. Air Koryo’s flights between Pyongyang and Shenyang every Saturday and Tuesday, as well as chartered flights to Shanghai and other cities, will likely see the same fate in the near future.

Chinese tour companies have also reportedly been informed by DPRK partners that all tours are suspended for the time being and until the state is able to prepare “precautionary measures.”


  • Mongolia closes border to China until March 2 to stop virus - Reuters

    Mongolia will close all ports of entry from and into China until March 2 to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the government said on Friday. It will give its citizens currently in China until Feb. 6 to return home, however, though non-Chinese foreign nationals travelling to Mongolia will not be able to do so via China.

South-eastern Asia






  • Malaysia has measures in place to combat coronavirus - The Straits Times (2020-01-31)

    Dr Tedros however said that there is “no reason” for any of the international travel or trade restrictions announced in recent days, such as flight suspensions, border closures and quarantine for apparently healthy travellers. As for Malaysia, Dr Lee said that current policy to combat the 2019-nCoV outbreak still stands, and includes the suspension of all visa facilities for Chinese tourists from Hubei province. “So far, existing policies such as no flights from Hubei province, which includes Wuhan, as well as visa for Chinese nationals from the province suspended, still stand,” he said. The Prime Minister’s Office on Monday announced that all visa facilities for Chinese tourists from Hubei province had been suspended. This includes electronic travel registration and information facilities, visa-free entry, visa on arrival, e-visa and manual visa applications.




  • ADVISORY ON 2019 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS - Singapore Gov (2020-01-30)
    1. From 1 February 2020, 2359h, all new visitors with recent travel history to mainland China within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Singapore, or to transit through Singapore.
    2. With immediate effect, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will suspend the issuance of all forms of new visas to those with PRC Passports. Singapore’s status as a visa-free transit facility for those with PRC passports will also be suspended.
    3. Previously issued short-term and multiple-visit visas for those with PRC passports will also be suspended. During this period of suspension, they will not be allowed entry into Singapore.
  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus




Southern Asia






Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing has reported that at least 204 Sri Lankan students have left in the past two days. Others are expected to follow in the coming days. All returnees will be required to spend a two-week special quarantine period at the Diyatalawa army base.


“If situation worsens in Bangkok, Thailand from where most visitors come, we might even cancel flights to and from Bangkok. If the situation demands, we will send our people to Bangkok from where we can arrest the cases before they come to Bhutan,” prime minister said. “If the disease comes to Bhutan, it could be very difficult to handle.”

“Suspect cases will not be allowed to enter Bhutan,” he said.